Multiple Milestones in Ten Years

Nantucket Energy announces it has achieved multiple milestones for a small startup business by celebrating 10 years in business as 2018 draws to a close.  

What better way to commemorate this special time than by highlighting their achievements in innovational design and leadership within the propane industry, as well as the company’s successful goodwill campaigns.

How does a family-owned, local propane service provider gain national recognition in the propane industry?  For starters, they built  additional storage for propane and then proceeded to design a customized bobtail to help improve efficiency in delivery (despite the logistical challenges of operating on a 105-square-mile island). Also, while they trail-blazed and forged their way into new territory, Nantucket Energy donated a percentage of every propane grill tank refill to local non-profits in 2017 and 2018.

Philip Marks III, the owner and co-founder of Nantucket Energy, has 120,000 gallons of underground bulk storage and added another 90,000 gallons this past August, with a total of 210,000 gallons of propane storage on island. Additional storage is a must-have when working on an island, especially during the winter when the operation can go days without a delivery.

Back-up Propane Storage

“We had a situation last winter where we had an ice storm and we didn’t get any boats at all for a week,” Marks says. “Usually we are getting a load every day.”

The bulk storage helps ensure the operation has fuel available, while the recent addition of a customized bobtail ensures that customers get the fuel when they need it. 

Marks worked with Exosent Engineering, a transport manufacturing company in Texas, to build a bobtail that is lightweight, has improved storage volume, is safe, and was built knowing that the driver is working on a small island.  Read more published on IPGasMagazine. 

Thinking beyond the obvious need of propane heat during the winter months, the team at Nantucket Energy developed a summer goodwill campaign called Give Back to ACK. With hashtag #ShareTheNantucketEnergy. It was launched in June 2017 and again in 2018. June through September, a portion of proceeds for every NE grill tank purchase or exchange was contributed to the following non-profits: Swim Across America, Nantucket Boys and Girls Club, The S.T.A.R. Program, The Marla Lamb Foundation, Senior Salt Marsh Center, and the Nantucket Energy Scholarship Fund.


Nantucket Energy has achieved significant growth since its inception in 2008. Over its 10-year history it has offered heating and fuel services generating competitive pricing and savings options for customers. It was the first to offer electronic tank monitoring systems while always providing reliable customer service.

“We are very happy to have reached this anniversary and thank all of our customers, associates and staff for their contributions over the last 10 years.” – Philip Marks III

Saving Money on your fuel energy costs

This September,  Nantucket Energy is offering a special home maintenance package for only $99.  The maintenance package is to ensure that heating systems run at the highest effeciency, resulting in saving money.
 “Heating water is about 20% [of a home’s] annual energy cost. Switching to propane or gas can save homeowners money,” says Jim Hitzemann, chairman of the Propane Education & Research Council’s Homebuilder Subcommittee. “Remodelers can show substantial savings to their customer over electricity.” 

Replacing your electric or oil-fired hot water heater with a propane-fired tankless hot water heater can save up to 20% on your hot water heating bill.  Common hot water heaters in most homes use energy all day long to keep the water in the tank hot, usually at about 120 degrees.  But tankless water heaters sit idly, using NO energy, until a hot water faucet is turned on somewhere in the house.  The unit comes to life automatically, instantly heating the water to the desired temperature as long as the faucet, or dishwasher, or washing machine is on.  When demand for hot water stops, the unit shuts off.  While there are electric tankless hot water heaters, propane units are more efficient and quicker to heat up.


Using gas in hot water heating instead of electricity means that the recovery time is faster,” says Phil Marks of Nantucket Energy.  “With a much lower cost for fuel, you actually get a lot more hot water.”

Once you commit to propane energy, consider replacing your old oil-fired furnace or installing a new gas-fired heater in new construction.  And if you are building new and not just remodeling, think about designing radiant floor heating into your structure, particularly in bathrooms.  This requires tubing under the floor that distributes hot water and heats the room from the floor up when the thermostat calls for it.  According to the Department Of Energy, “…the entire surface of the floor radiates about the same amount of heat as the human body does, making the occupant feel warm even though the air temperature might be only 65 degrees.”

Martin Cumpston of Consolidated Plumbing Industries says, “Propane can provide the BTUs, in a tank-type or instantaneous-type water heater, to run a radiant heating system for any remodeling project in any climate. Propane, coupled with the complete and easy-to-install products now available, makes radiant heat a viable and affordable option.”

Nantucket Energy will be pleased to refer you to plumbing contractors who can help you with designing, sizing, and installing your propane systems.  Your accountant may be able to give you advice on any current tax credits or rebates that may are available for energy-saving improvements this year.

The Importance of Efficiency

When Nantucket Energy began in 2008, we noticed the lack of flexibility in standard propane management and billing software: the old technology was wasting time and money.

Our goal: to provide our customers with a user-friendly online experience and make our office more efficient.  To obtain this we collaborated with a local programing group to develop a more efficient account management system.  This has helped us to keep costs down (our office efficiency has increased by more than 50%), giving you more savings!

At Nantucket Energy we want to empower our customers with information.  We designed our invoice to provide everything our customers need or want to know.  An informed customer is a happy customer!

Have any questions about your online account management?  Don’t hesitate to email us!