Safety Reminders

In light of our island’s recent events, Nantucket Energy reminds our community of homeowners and renters’ safety information. As a company, we take propane operations seriously.

1) If there is a propane gas smell at any time, it should be reported to your service provider immediately. If possible, shut the gas off at the tank or source of the leak if it is identifiable.

2) Licensed professionals should perform any new installations and/or repairs for heating and gas appliances.

3) Perform yearly maintenance checks on your heating systems by licensed professionals only.

4) When outside landscaping is planned, ensure all underground utilities are identified, i.e., electrical, gas, water/sewer, irrigation, during the installation of shrubs, trees, deer fences, etc. If there is an accidental cut of the gas line, the tank should be shut off immediately, and the service provider should be notified. Only a licensed gas fitter should make any necessary repairs.

We are your neighbors looking out for you 24/7/365

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